PUBG Training Mode And It’s Features

PUBG training

PUBG Training Mode And It’s Features

PUBG came, PUBG saw, PUBG conquered!

PUBG Mobile or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is an untameable phenomenon. Over the past 2 years, the battle game has gained a humongous following and has already managed to hit upwards of the 10 million daily players mark.

The biggest addition to the game in recent times has been the PUBG Training Mode, which allows players to hone their skills outside of the regular maps.

However, not everyone is acquainted with this mode. How do you use it? Can you play PUBG offline? What are its features? We bring to you all the details you should know about playing on the Training Mode.

PUBG offline - training modeTo play in the Training Mode, you need to queue up for it in Matchmaking, like a regular match. When at least five players are available a match on the training map will start. It’s not a solo match, or even against bots, these will be real players you fight against. The area will just be smaller, and the stakes less high because you can’t die.

The PUBG Training Mode is basically a place for players to practice their gaming and up their PUBG skills. In these training games, the maximum number of players is restricted to 20, though. Players cannot go lower than one hit point, so no one dies.

All equipment, vehicles and guns are available to practice with. The total time of a play session in Training Mode is 30 minutes. The Training Mode map features a parachute landing practice area, parkour area, driving tracks, open water areas to try out the water vehicles, and ranges for melee, throwables, and shooting. The map is four square kilometers, and you can see the whole thing below.

While some may say PUBG is losing ground to newer, more popular games, the former has actually been revising its battleplan with constant updates for their loyal users. Here’s to more of chicken-dinner nights!

There is also a Good News for pubg lovers who has a low RAM Phone, Tencent Games are planning to Launch Pubg Mobile Lite soon.