Realme X3 Superzoom To Be Unveiled On May 26 In Europe

Realme X3 Superzoom

Realme will unbox a new smartphone dubbed Realme X3 SuperZoom on May 25 in China. However, this isn’t the biggest surprise regarding this phone for this month. Instead of a long waiting period, customers in Europe will be able to purchase this new handset pretty soon, since Realme is launching it on the old continent on May 26. In China, there will be at least eight new Realme products, but in all probability, Europe is only getting this particular smartphone.

The Realme X3 SuperZoom as the name suggests is a camera-centric smartphone that comes as a follow-up to the X2 Pro. It carries flagship specifications and is expected to come under an affordable range. One of the standout specifications of the device will be Snapdragon 855+ chipset. It is also the last year’s flagship Snapdragon offering. The company will be using a year old but a truly capable chipset so that prices are not at the high end. The handset also has a very capable camera set up to justify the SuperZoom name. It will offer a 13MP telescope camera with up to 60x Zoom and 5x or 6x optical zoom.

While there’s no confirmation regarding the arrival of the Realme X3 5G a twitter post suggests so. According to @RealmeEurope teaser, in the next week, the continent will meet “The Star Hunter” surely the SuperZoom and its Starry Mode. Moreover, there’s another tweet teasing “The Explorer”, this one may refer to the Realme X3. It will be backed by the Snapdragon 765G and will lack a periscope module.

We will be sharing more details in the coming days. Stay Tuned!