Samsung Galaxy f52 5g specifications and price in India

Samsung Galaxy f52 5g

India is becoming digitally capable day by day. Life is now more impactful and easy. When we hear about mobile phones, there are two dominant companies in India, one is the iPhone, and when it comes to Android the name that everyone takes is Samsung.

Samsung is a Korean company that produces mobile phones and dominates the Indian market in terms of mobile phones and accessories. And recently Samsung has launched a new phone that blows everyone’s mind off and is currently trending.

Representing you the newest Samsung galaxy f52 5g. So what are the specifications of the Samsung galaxy f52 5g? When Samsung Galaxy f52 5g will be launching? What is the Samsung Galaxy f52 5g’s budget? Worry not, all these questions will find their answer about the phone Samsung galaxy f52 5g with complete stipulations, price, and all other information in India.

Samsung Galaxy f52 5g Particularizations

Samsung galaxy f52 5g is yet to be launched in India but an expected date is 20 May 2021, the phone has been trending all over the shopping websites and showrooms. The youth can’t wait over the phone and the pre-booking already is open for the mobile and is rated 8.2 to 8.5 out of 10 on various popular websites.

Samsung galaxy f52 5g is said to be the most compact and powerful mobile phone in terms of mediocre budget giving tough competition to other cell phone companies and challenging them to make better versions of their mobile phones.

Highlighted Features Of Samsung Galaxy f52 5g

Here are some features that Samsung Company gives out the toughest competition among its competitors in terms of mobile phones.

  1. Performance– Samsung Galaxy f52 5g in terms of performance is quite powerful as the phone has an Octa Core 2.2 gigahertz processor with Snapdragon 750 g which is quite fast and reliable with the latest technology and regular system updates. The phone has 8Gb of ram for flawless and smooth performance overcoming the myth of Samsung’s phone the problem of screen freeze.
  2. Display– Samsung Galaxy f52 5g has an outstanding display with 6.6 inches screen with 1080 x 2408 pixels that can give a 120-hertz display with a punch hole. The display features are perfect for gaming as the details from this display would be very Chris and in Ultra HD.
  3. Camera– The camera of Samsung has been always impressive and clearest among all the Android brands. It’s the main plus point is that the camera does not fade away with time as other mediocre budget mobile phones. Samsung Galaxy f52 5g maintaining the pride of Samsung provide you with a 64mp Quad rear camera with 16mp front camera. It also supports slow-motion, time-lapse, and night mode with Samsung’s editing option and different features.
  1. Storage– The storage of the Samsung Galaxy F52 5g is very impressive with 128 GB of internal storage with expandable memory of 1 TB.
  2. Battery– Samsung Galaxy F52 5g is average with fast charging of 4500 mah capacity.
  3. Other features– Samsung Galaxy F52 5g includes dual sim and 5 g VOLTE Network with fingerprint sensor and Knox security.
  4. Price– The price is expected to be around 23-30 k INR.

Samsung Mobiles

Samsung is a South Korean company that has the highest production in terms of Technologies and mobile phones and is the best-selling company in India. The Samsung Company also has various spreads in business and trading including digital technology up-gradation that accounts in total to 17% of the South Korean economy.

The company came into existence in 1938 and the company entered India in 2005 by launching its first mobile phone. Samsung Company is also the top company in providing security and insurance claims. This company is also prominent about the environment and helps society all over the world.

This is a rough outline of the company and the company has many achievements and has loads of profit that doubles every year in its record. We can understand that the company is not only very conspicuous in its job but also notable. The product from this company won’t disappoint you at any point in time.


All the features, speculations and comparisons has been made while awaiting the launch of Samsung Galaxy F52. Let us wait and see how the phone performs in Indian markets after the launch.