Samsung Galaxy Fold to Be in Stores Soon

Samsung Galaxy fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold to Be in Stores Soon

After months of delays and speculations, Samsung’s controversial Galaxy Fold is now going to be in stores soon. The Korean smartphone giant has reportedly fixed all the issues that surfaced during the initial batch of reviews, which will hopefully make the foldable phone sturdier.

According to a new report that originated at South Korean carrier KT, pre-orders of the Galaxy Fold in that country will start shipping on September 11. The company is also expected to re-announce the Fold at IFA on September 6, and that is also when pre-orders could possibly start.

Samsung is said to be still pushing hard for a release in its home country on September 6, but that may be for unlocked phones – of which it’s apparently readying around 20,000 to 30,000 units as part of the initial batch made available for sale. According to a different media report, the entire first batch at only 2,500 units, with 300-400 of those will be going to each Korean carrier.

The Fold will come in black, silver, green, and blue, and could be priced at KRW 2.39 million (approximately Rs 1.41 lakh) in Korea. The green and blue models have two additional choices for the color of the hinge – silver and gold. Samsung, however, has made no official announcements, yet.

In the US, the Galaxy Fold is expected to become available on September 27, as per the latest leak from @evleaks