Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t unlock if you crack your phone screen

Samsung Galaxy S10 cracked Screen

Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t unlock if you crack your phone screen

With people living life in the fast lane these days, nobody has time to even type a few digits of code to unlock their phones. That’s why features such as face ID recognition, voice recognition, and fingerprint sensor became so popular with smartphone users. The launch of two new smartphones – Samsung Galaxy S10 and One Plus 7 Pro -also proves this fact.

Both these smartphones are currently the biggest competitors in the marketplace. Both have their fan following and brand loyalists. But when it comes to the fingerprint technology, it seems that the OnePlus 7 Pro is a step ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Because with Samsung Galaxy S10, there is a risk that if by any chance the screen gets cracked or get heavy scratches on the fingerprint sensor, it will stop working.

Samsung always goes with the finest technologies. For fingerprint sensor as well, they opted for Qualcomm’s ultrasonic in-screen scanner to maximize screen space. This feature also allowed Samsung to bring back the fingerprint sensor to the front of the device. The sensor uses sound waves to read a fingerprint and features blood-flow detection to prevent spoofing attack.

But one of the biggest flaws of this scanner is that it won’t work if you crack the screen of the phone. Though the experiment says that minor scratches won’t affect the sensor. So, you have to be extra protective towards the screen, if you choose the Samsung Galaxy S10 as your new phone. Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything YouTube channel did this experiment. He scratched the fingerprint sensor part heavily and the fingerprint sensor stopped working.

On the other hand, OnePlus has chosen an optical sensor for its 7 Pro model. The screen has to light up a bright circle of green colour to read the thumb and it might not work well if the finger is wet or dirty. But those potential drawbacks are minor compared to the upsides. The OnePlus 7 Pro has a larger sensor so you don’t have to be especially careful about where you set your thumb. It’s also very fast, nearly as fast as a more traditional fingerprint sensor on the back of other Android phones.

So, if you’re the kind of person who has a track record of cracking their phone screens, choose wisely and choose the OnePlus 7 Pro.