Telegram Rings in 2020 With Massive Updates


Telegram Rings in 2020 With Massive Updates

Telegram has released a massive new update for iOS and Android that brings with it dozens of new features and changes.

One of the biggest additions to the app is the Theme Editor 2.0. Telegram already has robust theme support, with the ability to change colour schemes and backgrounds. With Theme Editor 2.0, users will now be able to choose a precise custom colour from a colour picker tool. One can pick custom colours for the entire app, background and messages view. Once done making the theme, users can also share it with other Telegram users.

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The new version will also add more patterns for the background, and users will be able to apply colour themes to those. Also, if one doesn’t want to do any manual customization, there are more preset themes that have been added.

Another major new feature addition is Send When Online. With this, you can schedule a message and the person will only receive it when they come online. Improved venue sharing will make it easy to share a location on the map by just tapping it. Users can now view search results as a list instead of scrolling through the chat to go through all of them. There is also podcast and audiobooks support. Audio files over 20 minutes are automatically treated as podcasts and the app will remember your position in the file and also offer a 2x mode to play faster. iOS version also offers high precision scrubbing.

For Android, here are the features on offer–

Telegram for Android

  1. You can select and copy just a part of someone’s message instead of all of it.
  2. Night mode can be switched quickly through a button on the menu screen.
  3. Maps automatically turn dark when in night mode.
  4. New animations.
  5. Tap multiple people to share simultaneously when sharing from other apps.
  6. Can mark all archived chats as read instantly
  7. Redesigned video resolution selection and contact sending screen.

For iOS users, here is a list of the new features–

Telegram for iOS

  1. Choose the browser external links open in.
  2. Ability to select what options show up in the share sheet when sharing from other apps to Telegram
  3. Adjust size of all text within the app.
  4. Press and hold on icon to quickly switch accounts
  5. View used storage, available space and quickly clear app cache