The 5 Best Apps to Livestream Cricket Matches

Best Apps to Livestream Cricket Matches

The 5 Best Apps to Livestream Cricket Matches

In India, Cricket and the Internet are both equal religions now. With the era of digitization upon us, cricket fans have found that it is no longer necessary to make up excuses to skip work, queue up in front of television shops, or rely on patch radio network to know the latest score of their favourite players and teams. This is especially a boon for all those who spend most of their days in transit; it can be frustrating though when your metro goes underground.

But nevertheless, there are many streaming apps today that fulfil every cricket fan’s deepest desire – to be able to watch their sport anytime, and anywhere. So, we bring to you a list of the best streaming apps for your cricket viewing experience –


The app was founded by three former IT employees with a passion for cricket, much like the entire country. Cricbuzzbecame one of the first Indian apps to provide live cricket scores on mobile. The app will not only offer live scores for all ICC and IPL matches, but also gives a handful of the latest news, expert commentary, rankings of teams and players, and insightful post-match analysis. The Cricbuzz app is available for download on Android, iOS, and Windows Phones.


Who doesn’t know ESPN! Most of us have grown up watching some of the biggest sporting events in the world on ESPN’s TV channel. With digitization, the company evolved and now they have an app as well. ESPN has a long relationship with cricket, and hence, the content on Cricinfo is a testament to that legacy. The main highlight of the Cricinfo app is Cricinfo 3D that uses live scores from a match to generate a 3D simulation of all the action. Along with that, this app provides live cricket blogs, real-time scores, news, and expert commentary. The app also has a feature called Statsguru, a comprehensive database for all cricket statistics in the world.


A relatively new entrant to the world of cricket streaming, Hotstar presses all the right buttons when it comes to cricket information. Available for both Android and iOS users, and owned by the Star TV network, Hotstar streams cricket matches live, mostly because of its association with the Star Sports TV Channel. Want to switch between your favourite movie and the latest score? Hotstar is perfect for you.

NDTV Cricket

The app is owned by mainstream news channel NDTV and is a great live cricket app that provides the latest news, scores, expert commentary, predictions, match analysis and player profiles. Compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices, the app’s USP is its accuracy, since it is associated with a credible news channel as well. NDTV Cricket also provides users with videos and highlights from the game on their app.

Yahoo Cricket

This is one of the oldest kids on the block and dates back to a time when even Google didn’t exist. While the main website has been forgotten, Yahoo Cricket has managed to stay afloat. The app is great for live cricket scores, commentaries, blogs, features, match analysis and news written by their in-house experts. In fact, the app is so popular that many cell phone providers in India offer Yahoo Cricket scores on SMS.

So, the next time our men in blue step out on the field, keep these apps handy for an uninterrupted cricket viewing experience.