The downsides of using your earphones too much

downsides of using your earphones too much

The downsides of using your earphones too much

Earphones are now a legit extension of our bodies. We want it everywhere – while driving, sitting, reading, and walking or working. Even if we aren’t listening to anything, we prefer keeping those earplugs on.

But have you ever thought what happens when you keep your earphones plugged in for hours? You should read this before you choose to plug them back in again –

  1. Accidents

So, you bought yourself some fancy noise-cancelling headphone? Well, that also makes you impervious to car horns, or people shouting for you to get out of the way of danger like potholes or falling rubble. A lot of accidents in India also happen because of people crossroads while blaring music on your headphones. Earphones can also turn into death traps when you are crossing a railway track while wearing one.

  1. Ear infections

When you use your earphones for too long, bacteria begin accumulating on the sponge or rubber cover. Also, when you are too used to wearing earphones, you also end up borrowing earphones from others, which is even worse since bacteria from other’s ears travel to yours and can cause major infections.

  1. Hearing loss

The fact that we all watch TV show marathon, means our earphones are always plugged into our ears. While using earphones, the sound reaches the ears directly. However, this sound should not exceed 90 decibels because any volume above this threshold impacts hearing. There is a threat of hearing loss beyond this point. It is advisable to take a 5-minute headphone break where you remove them.

  1. Affects the brain

Although there is no scientific study to back this, earphones do produce electromagnetic waves, proven to be dangerous for the human brain. So, those who use earphones on a daily basis for prolonged periods of time are prone to problems related to the brain.

  1. Pain in the ears

Those who use earphones regularly also end up visiting the doctor with a complaint of severe ear pain. Prolonged use of earphones causes a strange and different buzzing feeling in the ears. Some people might also experience numbness in your ears.

Gadgets are meant to simplify your life and make it more entertaining. However, this shouldn’t happen at the cost of your health. Use earphones in moderation, get the best out of them, and learn how to understand ‘how much is too much.’