The iPhone 12 design and features will be similar to iPad Pro and iPhone 5


Smartphone and tech giant Apple has been long rumored to bring brand-new series of iPhones in 2020. The smartphones are expected to arrive in the market later in the year and carry with them a modern design scheme and enhanced internals.

And currently, we have received more impressive information about these devices which are expected to be launched around October this year. The report comes from Bloomberg, which presents some impressive claims.

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As per the information, the brand could make design changes to the upcoming models iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max to create it more like the iPad Pro. The smartphones are supposed to have strong flat stainless steel edges, and will also display distinctly rounded corners and flat screens.

According to this information, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max resemble the iPad Pro on the basis of the design. The information also adds that the look of the new devices will also be inspired by the famous iPhone 5 a bit. Also, they will have flat screens, stylish curved edges and even tiny notches on the front. The information also implies that the higher of the two variants will have a little larger display than its predecessor.

Apart from the design, the information also claims that the smartphones will also offer impeccable three camera lenses, while there would be two other more economical iPhone 12 models that will consist of two lenses. The higher models, however, will also consist of the lidar augmented reality (AR) sensor initially introduced in the latest iPad Pro. There will be also a modern chipset that will be seen on all the new iPhone models which will help enhance not just performance but also enhance the ability to handle AR and AI tasks.