The New OPPO Reno Can Give DSLRs A Run For Their Money

OPPO reno vs DSLR

The OPPO Reno, slated to launch in India on May 28th, is already creating waves, courtesy an unmatched camera quality. The new phone is equipped with triple rear cameras – 48MP+8MP+13MP – of varying focal lengths, all of which support 10x Hybrid Zoom, both from the ultra-wide angle and telephoto. The phone employs image fusion technology, while the three lenses interchange to ensure a smooth zoom transition that will inspire your creativity, irrespective of the distance.

Clear shots from a distance

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A big limitation of camera phones till now was their inability to take clear shots from a distance. However, with greater zoom and focusing abilities, the OPPO Reno will be able to take crisp and clear shots of events such as concerts, and landscapes, no matter what the distance.

Camera specifications:

  • 48MP Primary lens (IMX586 F1.7 Aperture)

Reno 48MP

The 48MP camera is the primary lens of the triple-rear camera setup. With 1/2.0-inch sensors, which is larger than previous products, this camera has a 4-in-1 resolution focus technology that delivers stronger low-light performance and brighter night shots.

  • 8MP Wide Angle lens:1/3.13

The second camera has 8MP wide-angle lens, 1/3.13 offering users a 120° wide angle camera for vibrant photography. Plus, it delivers great shots in broad landscapes and tight spaces while offering a unique visual impact. It also supports wide-angle distortion correction with a wider range, and the focusing speed is also faster.

  • 13MP Telephoto lens:1/3.44 f/3.0 PDAFreno Camera

In addition to the 5x periscope structure, Reno now includes a telephoto lens inside the phone that is combined with other lenses to achieve 10x Hybrid Zoom. It also offers dual optical image stabilization. The Telephoto lens of the phone uses a periscope structure to make the model thinner. In terms of the lens module thickness control, the telephoto lenses of Reno 10x Zoom employ a periscope structure, changing the lens group arrangement from vertical to horizontal, and ingeniously solving the thickness problem through a special optical prism. In addition, through the “d-cut” program of special-shaped cutting, the lens can save space and make the telephoto’s aperture reach f/3.0.

Lastly, the main camera and ultra-wide angle camera share the same focusing motor. Compared with the dual-motor design, the periscope structure of the telephoto lens uses 13% less space, resulting in a camera module that is only 6.76mm thick.

  • Hybrid focus for fast precisionrENO

The OPPO Reno sports three hybrid-focus features to ensure the phone provides quick precision focus in any scenario. The three cameras with different focal lengths work in coordination to complete the 10x lossless zooming from wide-angle lens to telephoto lens. Reno can deliver a finished photo equal to or more than 800 W pixels during the zooming process.

The Ultra-wide angle camera broadens your perspective by capturing a wider field of vision than the human eye can perceive. The Reno 10x Zoom has also added laser focusing based on contrast detection, autofocus, and PDAF, which ensures faster and more accurate focusing in low light conditions.

Bulky DSLRs are now a thing of the past. With a host of brilliant camera features in a pocket-sized device, OPPO has ensured that it changes the way people think about professional photography.