The Top 3 Delhi Metro Apps To Make Commuting Easy

Delhi Metro

The Top 3 Delhi Metro Apps To Make Commuting Easy

When it comes to the metro, Delhiites take the most advantage of it. The Delhi Metro has become an inseparable part of most Delhiites, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say how it’s a boon for all (looking at you Noida and Gurugram).

It has been almost ten years since this modern public transport became popular. Right from security, speed, and even the sweet comfort of an AC on a hot, sultry Delhi morning, the metro ticks all the right boxes when it comes to commute.

But for newbies to the system, the routes can frankly be a little overwhelming at times, especially now with multiple hues of connecting lines crisscrossing the entire geography of Delhi-NCR. Thanks to technology, that will no longer be a problem.

We bring to you some of the must-have Delhi metro apps to help ease your journey with this technological marvel called the Delhi metro.


The Delhi Metro Rail app was developed by Sudhir Mittal and provides customers of metro services with lots of useful information for using the metro services. There are different sections in the app and the information available in those.

The first one provides info on the routes between stations- just select the starting point and destination, and the app will display fares, distance, approximate travel time, stations in between with change over the station, and the route map on your phone. Selecting a station on the app will also give you useful information about the station like first and last train timings, platforms, gates, and directions, contact numbers, tourist spots near that station, parking and feeder services, and much more. This application is supported by Android as well as iOS devices.

This is one of the best-rated applications of Delhi Metro for its user-friendly design and superior features such as route search, search by location and address using map, interactive route map to calculate fare and time from station A to station B, categorically segregated places list of Delhi-NCR zone and much more. Get hold of this app on the Google Play Store.

Delhi Metro Map, Fare, Route, DTC Bus Number Guide, Ojal Tech

This app tells you the routes, fares, and distance, along with giving you details about the DTC buses in the city. The Delhi metro app also tells you about the nearest Metro and DTC bus stations from your current location and comes with the latest Auto fare charge. Moreover, this app is updated with the Gurugram and Noida metro information as well, making it easy for people across Delhi-NCR to avail its services.