Top Photo Editing Apps for IOS in 2020

Photo Editing Apps

Top Photo Editing Apps for IOS in 2020

The iPhone X/XS, XR, and the 11 series have the most desirable mobile cameras currently on the market. Cameras that help you get a 3-dimensional idea of the area that you’re capturing, as well as exact depth-of-field giving both portraits and scenery images a look that is sought after. Are you thinking, what could an editing app do for these amazingly intelligent phones? Well, that’s like asking an expert photographer with his DSLR and equipment why the photograph still needs retouching.

Here we have the top photo editing apps for IOS which can help your pictures look extraordinary:

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Source: Snapseed Online

On the list of amazing iPhone editing apps, Snapseed is the best of the best, and it comes from none other than Google. The reason why this app is right at the top of the list is due to its price tag. It’s a free application. Any photo editor deserving their value in gold understands that unless an application allows you to adjust an image’s curves, the color balance, saturation, and edges then it’s not worth the price tag. This app does the above, and it’s free! Snapseed allows you to also create a form of image and save them for future use, especially if you want to present a themed Instagram feed.

Affinity Photo

Source: Serif

This application was developed by Serif Labs as a phone version to the desktop version of Affinity Photo. As much as other people like to try for this title, most photography advertisements are in agreement that this application is the one true “Photoshop destroyer” if such a destroyer were to exist. If you don’t need to shell out money for an Adobe subscription, this app might be a good alternative. For beginners, this app is more important than any other photo editing app in the App Store. Coupled with powerful iPhone lenses, you can do wonders.


Source: PhoneArena

It’s not shocking that in 2019 VSCO was at the top of the photo-editing charts. This is one of the most amazing editing app. If you feel restrained by IG filters, but don’t know where to begin with making full-scale photo edits, your pictures are about to get a much-needed refresh. This app allows you to filter the pictures and then create changes to brightness, contrast, and sharpness.  Once finished, you can save your pictures in your VSCO gallery for future use, or directly share in numerous ways.


Source: Pixelmator Pro

Just like Affinity app, this app is a mobile version of an extremely popular macOS application. And just like the desktop sibling, Pixelmator has a comparable user interface, apart from the workflow is now more helpful of touch and doesn’t require a cursor. Pixelmator isn’t as strong as Affinity, but, what it lacks in strength and it makes up for accuracy and simplicity, tools that most editors couldn’t do without — it also allows your inner creativity to come out through its painting feature.