Top Prank Apps to trick your buddies

Top Prank Apps

Are you playing the same old practical jokes but still expecting memorable reactions? If that’s the case, then you most certainly have to catch up to the times! 

Prank app developers around the world have continued to push the limits, bringing us fantastic new prank ideas through Top Prank Apps to fool our friends creatively.

For instance, if prank calls aren’t your forte but wish to play them anyway, there are prank calling apps that will effortlessly do the job for you. 

Below are our top prank apps of 2020, so without further delay let’s start!


Whether you’re easily recognized over the phone due to having a distinct voice or just fail miserably executing great prank calls, the OwnagePranks app resolves these issues making prank calls that much easier!

This prank calling app offers 100 pre-recorded calls, each presenting a unique prank script that applies to the person and situation you want to target. For example, have a friend who’s expecting their uber driver to come in 30 minutes? Play the ‘Pissed RideShare Driver’ prank script, where a highly irritated driver arrives too early. Others include ‘Stay Away From My Boyfriend’ and ‘Hot Neighbour’. 

Pre-recordings are also automated to play the moment your buddy picks up the call, and thanks to its unique Speech Recognition AI, it has the ability to respond at the right times, so calls go smoothly and human-like. 


  • Contains over 100 prerecorded calls with a diverse range of prank scripts suited for everyday situations. 
  • Users are allocated a Caller ID, preventing people from tracking your number
  • One free credit provided daily


If you’re tired of predictable pranks like ‘knock, knock ginger’ on your neighbour’s door, then the iTorturer is a great new app to spice things up.

Particularly useful in quiet rooms, i.e. a library this app emits a selection of high-frequency sounds along with other sounds that can only be described as highly irritating. Perhaps its most popular choice on offer is the 45kHZ screeching noise which can be heard in even the loudest of situations, making your most tolerant friends suffer immensely!

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After downloading and launching the app, audio sounds such as High Frequency, Tri-tone Text Sound, White Noise are free and immediately accessible. Premium options such as Personal Recording, Whoopee Cushion, Horror Sounds and Fly Buzzing also available, which will require in-app purchases to play them. 


  • The app emits high-frequency sounds from your phoe to annoy others
  • Stealth Mode: iTorturer will be disguised as the Safari app, reducing suspicion from the others around you. 
  • Personal Recording: If you have your own prank sound in mind, make a recording for your phone to play. 

MagicCall- Voice Changer App

Have a prank script in mind with the perfect person to play it on? Then all you’ll need to do is hide your identity when prank calling and one fantastic way of disguising yourself is through a competent voice changing app.

MagicCall- Voice Changer App does precisely this, letting users transform how they sound from a multitude of sound options available in the app, along with background effects. 

Want to prank a buddy of yours who happens to be single and looking for love? Make a call using the ‘DreamGirl’ voice option to really excite (and eventually depress) his day. Other cool voice transformations include Cartoon, Baby and Monster and to enhance calls further use background effects like Concert, Movie Hall and Helicopter. 

What’s particularly outstanding about the functions of this app is that it lets users switch to different voice transformations during a call, where most require a pre-recording initially. Real-time calls save time and allow you to use several voices during the same call. 


  • Multiple voice transformation effects
  • Make voice changes during a call
  • A convenient way of hiding your identity during prank calls

Hair Clippers Prank

We know that one person (or a few) who really love their hair, whether it’s paying for expensive haircuts or taking too long in the bathroom making sure their hairstyle is precisely right. 

If you feel like having a little fun at their expense and making them lose their mind for a few brief moments, then Hair Clippers Prank is a must-download. As the name suggests, the app is a hair clipper simulator which replicates the same sound and vibration a normal hair clipper would. 

All you’ll need to do after launching the app is sneak up to your target from behind and run your phone through that person’s hair, imitating a barber trimming motion. And to make the prank easier for users, the trimming area will also be displayed on their phone screen. 


  • Hair Clipper simulator
  • Makes the same vibration and hair clipper sound
  • Phone camera displays where the trimming takes place