Top Tips for Increasing Network Speed

Top Tips for Increasing Network Speed

Being aware of all the techniques that can be employed to increase your network speed is a great idea for businesses, and a slow website is not just a nuisance it can also be a big problem for your bottom line, both in terms of productivity and customer support. 

One of the ranking factors that Google makes use of is the speed of a website, so any site that has a lot of downtimes and has failed to be optimized may find it difficult to attract customer attention. 

The way to gain customers and improve your website ranking is to make use of the strategies that are available in order to increase your network speed. And something as simple as using cat 6 cables could do the trick.

Get a new router

Although having a wired connection is often important in regards to increased network speed, sometimes wireless is necessary, especially for businesses that may need to test out mobile functions on their websites. Speeding up Wi-Fi is, therefore, a good idea, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by ensuring that your router is new and up to date to ensure you get the most from your wireless connection. 

A new router is absolutely essential to increase network speed.

Ensuring network drivers are kept up to date

Network drivers should always be kept up to date, and this is of particular importance when your computer’s operating system has been updated as drivers may not be able to engage with the new updates otherwise. 

Regularly checking for driver updates is a good way to ensure network speeds remain strong, and there are a number of resources available to business owners who want to make certain their drivers are getting regular updates.

Speed testing

It is not enough just to know that your internet connection is working. You need to know the speed you currently have in order to know how much you are improving it, if at all, so testing your internet speed is an important step to take. 

There are a number of online applications that can be made use of in order to test the speed of your internet connection. Rather than just using one single measurement, have the process performed for a few days and a number of different occasions so that specific issues or saturation periods can be taken into account for the overall evaluation. 

Wire your devices

Businesses that are run on a home network often fall prey to the temptation to use Wi-Fi, but this is not really a good idea as wireless networks are significantly slower than wired ones. 

Slow home network speeds can have a negative impact on the bottom line of a home business, and with more and more people today working from home it is more crucial than ever to not be at the mercy of slow internet speeds. 

Although connectivity problems can still result from making use of an excess number of resources or outdated hardware, a wired connection, particularly one that uses a Cat 6 cable, is a good first step to avoid unnecessarily slow internet speeds for business owners. 

If your network speed is not what it should be, these steps could help to rectify this problem.