Trusted Face Smart Unlock is Now Removed from Android

Face Smart Unlock

Trusted Face Smart Unlock is Now Removed from Android

The trusted, yet not-so-commonly-used face smart unlock feature has now been officially removed from Android. All the devices running Android 10 or below will no longer have this feature on them.

The face smart unlock feature was added to Android devices in 2014. It existed alongside the other smart unlock features that are there to keep your device unlocked under some circumstances. Some examples of this include voice match, trusted devices, trusted places and more. While face smart unlock is gone, none of the other smart unlock features have been removed, for now.

The fact that smart lock functionality could be removed so easily happened because it was never a part of the Android firmware, and was always controlled by Google Play Services. It is possible then that a recent Play Services update removed the feature. While there is no clarity on whether the removal is temporary or permanent, a lot of smartphone tech experts predicted that trusted face smart unlock could go ever since it was broken in the Android Q Beta 6. As evident from promos of the Google Pixel 4, the company has been working on its own face unlock feature, so it makes sense to not keep two different ways to use the same function.

A report by Android Police has verified that the feature has been removed from the OnePlus 6T, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10, and the Nokia 3.2. It’s also the case with most other Android devices, including the first-generation Google Pixel that is now running on Android 10, launched just two days ago.