Update WhatsApp to prevent yourself from hacking

WhatsApp Hack

Updating WhatsApp is the only way to tackle Spyware threat

The news on WhatsApp getting hacked is viral now. The hacking was reportedly done by the NSO Group Technologies, an Israeli Cyber Intelligence company, who injected Spyware into devices through false WhatsApp voice calls that activated the phone’s camera and microphones. This was done by trawling through text, calls and other data, supporting vicious activities. The vulnerability is spreading rapidly in Androids, IOS phones, and Windows, probably installing fear in users mind. Users have even started to question how to get rid of this big problem.

This is not the first time that an app is facing such hacking problems. Facebook hacking had also once been a trend, leading to much insecurity in the social media world. In mid-2012, many posts on Facebook hacking went viral. Users started logging out from Facebook and uninstalling the app. Many bloggers started posting articles on how unsafe it is to use Facebook. The Facebook hack became one of the most trending and viral news of that time, but one which ultimately did result in security improvements.

Any phone, whether it is an Android, iOS or Windows, can get boring without apps. Major app stores keep coming up with a wide range of app options, and software engineers and developers work day-in and day-out to keep improving the security of these apps so that users can use them fearlessly and seamlessly.

The latest version of WhatsApp 2.19.50, also comes with better security options for fearless use. The updated app now supports top security performances, improvement of contact related issues, connection problems and installation issues with bug fixes and has introduced stickers which make WhatsApp-ing more fun.

Many users don’t pay attention to these update alerts that frequently pop up on our phones, which make their devices sluggish. Remember, updating apps is not a time-consuming activity. One only needs to go to the app store and click on the update button. According to a spokesperson from WhatsApp, the only solution for fixing WhatsApp hacking is constantly updating your app. That holds true for any app you have on your phone. If you want to stop the entry of spyware in your device, there’s only one way – simply update.