View Google 3D animals on your smartphone with these simple steps

Google 3D Animal

View Google 3D animals on your smartphone with these simple steps

With the Covid-19 lockdown in place in several parts of the world, a lot of people are now being forced to sit at home. This has made them search for innovative ways to entertain and involve themselves in numerous activities. While some people have started watching new web series and movies on streaming platforms such as Amazon, Vudu, Netflix, and others, others are engaging in socializing apps such as Houseparty.

There is also another group that is excitedly trying out Google’s 3D animals feature, something that the company introduced in 2019 at the I/O developers meet. A lot of people know how to watch 3D animals such as pandas, lions, tigers and more at their place using the phone. But some people are yet to understand how this feature works.

The reason is that the feature isn’t compatible with all smartphones. While almost all smartphones support the ‘3D view’ functionality, the difficulty occurs when it comes to ‘view in the space’ AR feature. For the amazing AR animals to show up, the smartphone must support Google’s ARCore.

List of all the AR animals

Here is the list of animals that you can watch- Brown bear, Alligator, Angler fish, Tiger, Dog, Cheetah, Cat, Lion, Eagle, Emperor penguin, Giant panda, Goat, Hedgehog, Horse, Duck, Macaw, Octopus, snake, Shetland pony, Shark, Wolf, and Turtle. Google could also be working on more AR animal options. Apart from the animals, the tech giant also allows people to watch planets like Pluto, Earth, Mars, among others.

How to watch AR animals

  • In the first step, you have to type the name of an animal on Google. Now you need to scroll down and click on the “View in 3D” option.
  • Now, move your smartphone from one end of the room to another and you will be able to see a light shadow of the animal.
  • You will also be able to see an AR animal on your smartphone. You can simply zoom in and out into the animal to position it.