How to Capture Photos with Vintage, B&W, Film Scratch Effects

Camera Filters for Instagram

Not every mobile device can capture the vintage and film-scratch images, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot add these effects in the images you have captured with your mobile/smart devices. You must be aware of the market situation these days; the smartphones with the best camera apps and effects would cost you more than a thousand dollars today. Well, this is a lot of money, and not all of us can afford it. You would be introduced to the best camera filter applications that you can find on the web today in this scarce resource. 

Add your favorite filter effects with these camera filters!

Camera Filters for Instagram – Lomography

This vintage camera filters application is designed for smartphones. This Lomography app is best if you want to add vintage filters to your images. Vintage camera filters for Instagram app is free and can be used by anyone having a smartphone and an urge to make their images more professional. You can add different filters camera with this app and edit your images to make them more intriguing and lively! There are many more cool features of this app that you would know once you hook up with it.


This is a very famous camera filter application that you can find on all smart app stores. This app has many pros; you can add filters and change them on a one-tap basis. The intensity of the filters is quite customizable. You can easily edit your pictures with the advanced settings and editing tools found in this app. This editing app also has a very well-integrated camera that you can use to take professional images. You can enjoy the delicate color, vintage filters, B&W filters that can add a classy film effect to your image. There are no such cons found in this tool.

Snap Speed

Snap speed also has one of the largest sets of filters that you can use to edit your images and make them more professional and classical filmy. There are many cool features of this program that you must know about; the tool has adjustable features that mean you can change and remove them if you don’t like one. The camera filter app also has portrait enhancement filters, a very powerful picture post-processing tool. You can enjoy a very non-destructive image editing mantra with this program. We want you to know that this program is available on both Android as iOS devices. This program can be a little complicated if you are new to this play.

A color Story!

As the name of this filter app suggests, it has a lot of color and vintage filters. You cannot find good apps with vintage filters in them, so if you want to add film and vintage effects to your images, this is the best choice. This program has many cool features that include a hundred plus adjustable camera filters, over fifty motion effects; it can create the most unique and custom filters. You can enjoy selective as well as batch editing with this program. This application is also available for both android phones and iPhones! The only known con of this tool is that it lags in performance when editing a complete batch of images.

Dark Room

The darkroom is an immensely powerful tool. As the name tells us, this camera filter application is best for adding dark room filters on the image. If you need to make your images look as they were taken from a film scene shot at night, then the vintage filters by this application can help you adjust the color scheme and intensity of your picture. The darkroom has many advanced editing options built-in, and so if you want to edit images and make them professional, this can easily be done from the dashboard.


The afterlight is an especially important vintage camera filter app that can add a very professional look to your images. You would see that once you start using this tool, you would easily get professional-looking images. This camera filter application comes with many overlays and background effects that can make your images look more live. The application is also capable enough of creating new presets, plus you should also know that filters are also conveniently grouped with colors. This tool’s cons include that it cannot function freely; there are some limitations to it. The application is not updated regularly. 

Enlight photo fox

The Enlight photo fox is a very important program having vintage filters in it. If you want to make your personal images look like they belong to a film, then you can give this tool a try. This photo fox tool is as cunning and smart as a fox, and this you can see with the features of this program. The camera filter app has duo filters that can make your image look extra attractive, you can also get bready made filters with this app, and you can also hook up with the mask tools for advanced color correction. This camera filter application is just for iOS users.