What makes iPhone’s marketing unique in the smartphone world?

What makes iPhone’s marketing unique in the smartphone world?

Apple is a well-known multinational technology brand in the world. Apple shares its customer base based on the alliance of segmentation strategies. It uses accurate behavioral strategies, perfect demographics & outstanding psychographic factors in segmenting the market. Thus, it uses a unique targeting strategy to be the best player in the smartphone business despite having more expensive products as compared to other players like Samsung and LG.

The brand’s major competitive power is its technological advancement and ideological thinking, which made it the most desirable company in the world. When you tell an individual you own an Android, it doesn’t have the same impact as telling someone you own an iPhone. It’s the name that makes the difference.

The company understood that their devices are of a premium price, so it will only be reasonable for those with good income. So, they tied up with telecom assistance providers in various developed and developing countries to sell it on easy EMI basis with 1-3 years of data usage, so that every section of the society could afford to buy an iPhone.

Apple has restricted distribution channels. It has more than 500 stores and 12,000 retail touchpoints around the world, but with the emergence of e-commerce sites and judging by the consumer group that Apple targets, limited distribution channels will not be able to stop their growth, ever.

The company’s equity and consumer franchise are extremely strong. The choice for Apple devices amongst the “Mac association”, for instance, not only kept the brand alive for the complete 90’s, but also made it a major smartphone player in the past few years.

The technology business is extremely competitive and is crowded by a large number of brands who are fighting for survival by eating up each other’s share. But Apple has managed to stand out by continuously being known for its innovation and out-of-the-box innovations like Siri, along with a user-friendly software platform.

There are a lot of things one can learn from the marketing strategies of Apple. What do you think?