WhatsApp introduces new limit on forwarding messages

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WhatsApp introduces new limit on forwarding messages

During this COVID-19 pandemic, fake news is spreading all over the world. Right from misinformation about Coronavirus cure, to the denounced conspiracy that 5G caused COVID-19. Looking at this situation, popular messenger app, WhatsApp has launched a new feature to help stop the spread of misinformation on the platform by restricting how many times “forwarded messages” can be sent.

WhatsApp will highlight this to users via a new form of the double arrow. This will also indicate to the platform users that the original message didn’t come from one of their contacts. There will additionally be a limit on how the messages can be forwarded. The messages that will be considered by the app as frequently forwarded will be permitted to be forwarded to one chat at a time.

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The platform has emphasized that this isn’t an attempt to crack down on sending forward messages completely. According to WhatsApp, they understand a lot of users forward helpful information, as well as memes and videos for laughter, or reflections and prayers they find meaningful. Recently, users have also used the communication platform to organize public events of support for the health workers.

Still, the platform has confirmed that users have informed them that they are receiving a lot of fake news through WhatsApp and they can clearly see that misinformation is being spread in the society. The platform understands that it is essential to slow the spread of these messages to keep the app a great place for personal communication.

WhatsApp is also examining ways to incorporate more information about the messages leading to misinformation. There might also be a feature where a little magnifying glass icon will be displayed beside frequently forwarded messages; on clicking that icon, news stories and information resources relating to that particular message will be displayed on the screen. This magnificent feature is right now in testing though.