WhatsApp Will Soon Get Status Message Feature For JioPhone


JioPhone users can post status messages on WhatsApp soon. This feature works similarly how status messages work on WhatsApp’s Android and iOS apps. This is not only for JioPhone. The new status message will also work with other KaiOS-powered devices such as the Nokia 8110 4G.

Status messages work in the same way as Instagram stories, where you can post images, videos, or text for up to 24 hours before they disappear. This may be the first of many features that the KaiOS team is working on, of the many features missing from the JioPhone app. WhatsApp for JioPhone was announced back in 2018, and was launched with bare-bones features, and as of July last year, the app was present in all KaiOS-powered smartphones.

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The news came to light when Kinoos led software engineering for WhatsApp, which Grinstead revealed in an interview to Android Central that the status message feature was in the “Gold Master” stage, meaning it was ready to roll out. Keeping in mind the minimum set of features present in the application, the status message feature should be welcomed by all JioPhone users.

However , the WhatsApp for JioPhone users was not anticipated by many especially when more useful features such as voice and video calling are not present. Grinstead questioned this in the interview and said that the voice calling feature, which has been on WhatsApp since January 2015, is particularly challenging to enable on KIOS smartphones. So, when we know that the company is trying to enable it on a feature phone, there is no certainty that it will eventually land.

WhatsApp for KaiOS added over one million users to the platform within two weeks of its launch. The app currently offers the basics including one-on-one and group chat, end-to-end encryption, sharing videos, pictures and GIFs and more. The report also mentioned that WhatsApp is working on introducing more features for the KaiOS version. The app is the most popular and most JioPhone users download while setting up the phone.