Will Applications Kill Traditional Websites?

Will Applications Kill Traditional Websites?

Will Applications Kill Traditional Websites?

When you listen to the word future technologies, what do you think at first? It is about living a life that has n number of benefits while having zero problems or obstructions. Two such new-age technologies that have altered our lives in the past few years include websites, followed by the popular ‘apps’.

However, today applications are used more frequently when compared to websites. The reason – they are fast, more engaging, and more responsive. Applications are not just overtaking the functionality of the website but are also taking over other entertainment mediums as well. Can you think of a time when watching a cricket match was this easy? Earlier, it entailed a lot of hassle before you could have watched a cricket match on the television, but now, with the introduction of apps, you can watch it even while performing your work. You can be stuck in heavy traffic and still be updated with everything that is happening around you.

Now the query that arises is that can applications kill the traditional websites? In the longer run, we can say that applications might take over the websites but in the shorter run, websites would rule as they do now. Let’s discuss some aspects of why applications might take over websites and if they don’t, what will be the reasons for websites staying as the first preference of the people.

Aspects that might lead to the death of websites

  • Performance: – Websites mainly depend on the ways they are developed/designed. Websites are developed for providing information and services to the visitors which makes it very important for the designers to keep it responsive. If a website is not fast, it has a greater chance of losing its visitors.

For applications, they are built only for providing instant services. Most of the applications that we use are oriented towards offering quick response and reduce the hassle of surfing the internet. Applications make it easy for the users to perform the major activity without wasting time in completing an entire process.

  • Offline Mode: – When you go to a website, it is a must to have an internet connection that would support the functioning of the website. In terms of application, they are a little ahead in this aspect. Think of a gaming application and a gaming website – In the gaming website, if you need to play, you will require an internet connection but in the application, most of the gaming applications are developed in such a way that they offer unlimited gaming without any internet connection.
  • Notification: – In terms of application, access to notifications is easy. Most of the time notifications just pop-up on the screen but with the website, you must open the web browser, access the website and then check the notification. So, in terms of notifications, applications offer quicker service than websites.
  • Security: – Websites are designed, developed, operated and function with the help of the internet that raises the danger of virus invasions and other problems. In terms of application, they are operated through a device which can be a mobile phone or a tablet. In comparison to the computer, mobile phones and tablets are more secured with high-tech machinery and in-built antivirus program.

The listed are some of the aspects that show a greater leaning towards applications and in the coming time, it could lead to a complete end of websites.

But, some reasons are supportive for websites as well, making them an integral part of the whole process of surfing the internet and performing activities on it.

  • Detailed Information: – When it comes to comparing websites and applications, the websites have comparatively more space. It allows users to explore the company before they can acquire their services. Applications are more focused on providing services to the users due to which they skip other information that can be essential for the people.
  • Indexed by Search Engines: – Even though applications are increasing at the same pace as their competitors, websites earn a greater hand in getting indexed on the search engines. You will notice that most of the time when we get stuck on some problem or need information, we seek help from search engines such as Google. Even though applications are fast and easy to use, the search engine offers first preference to the websites which makes them more important than applications.
  • Response: – Applications require regular updates to function properly which creates a lot of hassle for the users. In terms of websites, there is no such thing as an update. The application also faces breakdowns, which makes it very important for the owners to have access to important data at all times. The chances of a website facing a breakdown are very low. If there is anything that can affect a website, it is hacking.

Judging by these aspects, it can be estimated that the lifespan of websites is lengthy and it would take a lot of years for the applications to take over them and rule the digital world. What do you think?


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