Windows update error code 80070308

Windows update error

Windows update error code 80070308 highly differs from system to system. It is hard to catch any windows update error because it requires searching for different scenarios in varied cases. You work on applying the codes again and again and still get failed at it.

The problem is solved easily with Windows update error code 80070308. To know further, go through the entire article.

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Windows update error code 80070308

A)Restore system:

Before the error enters the system, you need to restore it up till the restore point. It will be easy to restore because loads of restore points get in as soon as you install something in your system. Without any issues, the original version is brought back with its help.

B)Follow the registry Tweak:

Registry tweaks are the registry hacks are the leads that help you in the windows registry. The registry aims to improve the efficiency of the system. It also enhances its security along with the help of its protocols. In simple words, It enhances the efficiency and safety of the computer system. With the blink of an eye, the registry tweak that is mentioned below will start its processing. Innumerable users used this tweak, and this error code-particular system only works for this tweak.

Close all the running programs or apps before working with this solution and make sure to create a backup of the registry to avoid the risk that you might have while editing it. If you are following the rules given below then you can get the backup:

  • In the search bar or the Run dialogue box, Begin the Registry Editor by transcribing “Regedit”. Copy and paste the key in the Registry Editor that follows:


  • On the right side of the windowpane, Place the REG_DWORD termed “pending required”. Then right-click the option and click Rename. Rename “pending required.old” or something similar to it, and approve the safety dialogue box that might be displayed on your system screen.
  • Then to check whether the issue persists, restart your computer.

Note: An issue of the primary key absent from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE arises. And users do register this issue.

To work through it ultimately, add the code to the registry manually. Follow the steps given below to go through the process:

  • Start the Registry Editor by transcribing “Regedit” in the search bar or the Run dialogue box. Drive in the Registry Editor using the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  • Select the file button that is shown on top and click the Load Hive option. A window will appear on your screen. Navigate it to HKEY_LOCA_MACHINE and load it on the COMPONENTS folder.
  • By following the above solutions, you can get rid of the key.

C).NET framework installation supposed to get a fix

To install the updates properly without any error or mistake, make sure to work on the latest version of the .NET extension. Also, Match the prerequisite before running your update in your computer system. To match the requirements, follow the steps that are given below:

  • Download the latest version of the Microsoft .NET framework. Locate the file after downloading it and run it. It requires proper access to internet service.
  • Open the run dialogue box using windows key+ R to check its integrity.
  • Open it by typing Control Panel.
  • Choose the option to uninstall the program and click the feature on and off of the Turn Windows.
  • Please enable it and locate the .NET Framework 4.x.x entry. Reboot the computer system after selecting the OK option.

TIP: Use the Restore Repair to scan the repositories and displace the defective and displaced data. Issues that might originate from your computer system can be resolved using the tips that are mentioned above.

  • You can repair the .NET framework even after the framework is already there in your computer system. Clear the box that pops up on your computer screen and restart the system after it. Re-authorize the .NET framework and once again restart the computer.

Note: You need to check it for yourself as to which extension and update will work best for your system, according to the window you are using.

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D)Fixes and Manual updates needed to be installed in your system.

This problem will continue to arise if you lag on plenty of updates in your system. To find a solution: obey the rules stated below.

  1. Remove all the third-party files and apps that might be running actively on your system.
  2. Remove it before updating your system.

For the ones using Windows 7, follow the steps given below to disable the automatic updates mode.

  1. After pressing on the start menu, choose and open the control panel.
  2. If you are Windows 10 users, click on the gear option that will open the settings.
  3. When you go to the control panel- choose the view as your option. Hence, on the top right corner, a series of large icons will be displayed. Then select the Windows update at the end.
  4. Under various settings lists on the left of your screen, click the Change Setting option and look at the valuable updates that are added recently. Select the dropdown list and click never check for the update option.

Here are the most critical steps to be followed throughout the whole process of updating the system. Make sure to follow them correctly, with lots of patience.

  • If you are a user of Windows 7 or Windows 2008, then install the Readiness Tool for a system update.
  • Save it on your system and run it accordingly, and wait till the time the task is completed.
  • Keep it in your mind that it is a lengthy process, depending upon the Microsoft extension. Hence, it requires patience and a good network service.

Please do follow the guidelines below. It will be for the users who operate on Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 and Windows Vista.

Use the System Update Readiness tool to resolve the issue you face while working with your system. Reinstall the Windows update pack again.

Just install the readiness tool for the system update. Select the one that corresponds to your system extension. You need to find the version for your windows on your own. Therefore, We will only recommend you to download the latest versions.

  1. x64-based (64-bit)versions of Window server 2008 R2 SP1
  2. x86-based (32-bit) versions of Window Vista SP2
  3. x64-based (64-bit) versions of Window 7 SP1 and Window 7
  4. x86-based (32-bit) versions of Window 7 SP1 and Window 7
  5. Itanium-based versions of Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • Make direct use of the DISM tool that contains the CheckSUR function, if you are the Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 user. It scans and runs certain repairs related to Windows Update functionality. For further details, you can search for more articles on the same.
  • Using the Windows Update catalogue, you can further install various updates. It gives rise to fixes in your computer with ease at installing them. Following are the KB numbers that will help in searching them: KB3102810 and KB3145739.
  • After the catalogue for the Microsoft Updates opens up, then perform a search. The right corner quickly finds it at the top.
  • A button to install by the left side will appear.
  • Click and select the architecture of your PC (32 bits / 64 bits). Before working on all this, know about the architecture of your PC’s processor.
  • Go to the downloaded file by following instructions popped on the screen. Follow the same process with all the files downloaded.
  • Once the update completes, reboot the computer and work on the Windows Update. The process is again, very lengthy, so patience is the key for better results.

E)Reset Windows Update Components

Before editing the registry, make sure to go through the article that describes the same thoroughly. The report will inform you about the security backup of your registry to further ease problems. To secure the system is the sign of an advanced and longest-serving solution.

F)Free yourself of Norton Antivirus

It is essential and helpful to use varied Free antivirus tools. The job of protecting your system can be done quickly with the help of the same, but there is a possibility that they do not work along with other computer apps. There are instances when customers complain of Norton’s free version, Norton error 3039 causing damage and error to their computer systems. To solve this further, they uninstalled the Norton error 3039 from the system. To know more and get rid of your AV, follow the steps mentioned in the uninstalling antivirus software article.

TIP for it is, use the Restore Repair tool as discussed above, if other methods fail to resolve your issue. Restore scans the repositories that replace the corrupt and lost files. It is helpful in the majority of the cases that arise from the computer system’s corruption. Restore also helps in maximizing system performance. Click below to download Restore for your computer system.