You ask it, your smartphone knows it

Smartphones: Our real companion

Mobiles were invented to have hassle-free communication with your loved ones from wherever you are. However, with its development, the mobile phone became more than just a device to make calls and turned into a smartphone that gradually started replacing all other gadgets. Thus, began the era of smartphones becoming our all-in-one companion. Have a look –

Pocket FM

FM phone

Back in the days, people had big transistors. With time, the transistor started becoming smaller, but when feature phones got introduced in the mobile segment, people started getting the FM feature in their phones. It became their pocket FM. And then gradually everyone started listening to their favorite radio stations on their handsets. It was the first thing that mobile phones replaced.

Music system

Sony erricson walkman series

People who used to have a tape recorder or CD Player were the kings of their area. They could listen to any kind of music, call over their friends, and throw a big music party. Slowly, the kings lost their sheen as mobile phones started coming up with the option to store all your favourite songs. Now everyone was a king. With the help of a USB cable, or via Bluetooth, anyone could share any songs with anyone. With time, people started downloading new songs via the Internet, which eventually left the CD players to gather dust.

Mobile cameras

Nokia_N95 Camera Phone

After the reel camera, digital cameras arrived and those who used to love capturing images of each and every occasion had small Digicams with them. But mobiles started interfering in this segment as well. Starting with the VGA camera, mobile companies started giving options to users to click pictures anywhere. And they didn’t need to carry their big Digi cams either. Gradually, companies started improving the camera quality of phones and now everyone has turned into a photographer. Today, there is a new terminology coined for this kind of photography – mobile photography. Experts even arrange special workshops for mobile photographers.

Alarm clock

alarm clock in phone

One big feature that mobile phones had from the beginning was the alarm clock. This feature clicked with working professionals and later students also started using it. This feature killed the alarm clock market in no time. Many people stopped wearing wrist watches, because of the digital clock they had in their phones.


google in smartphone

After Google was introduced to mobile phones, they became ‘smart’, thus replacing the need for many other objects.

  • It started with the feature check emails on the phone.
  • Later it started assisting humans in remembering important days, birthdays, meetings.
  • After social media was introduced, it started engaging people more and more with their smartphones.
  • Then came Google Maps, which eased things for those who had difficulty finding new places or remembering roads. Now one could move in an unknown city with full confidence with the help of Maps.
  • With the advent of the app culture, everything changed. From booking movie, train or plane tickets to ordering grocery and food, smartphones could do almost everything.
  • Even those who love reading had the novel option of doing so on their phones. Now book lovers wouldn’t have to carry their bulky books everywhere.

Some of the other prominent necessities that were replaced by the smartphone –

  • Calculator
  • Recorder
  • Keep notes
  • Compass

The smartphone is now the be-all and end-all for everything we will ever need. People may be able to live without their friends and family, but they sure can’t live without these pocket-sized magical devices.