Young Entrepreneurs of Qatar Develop Mobile App for FIFA World Cup 2022

Fifa World cup 2022

Doha-based young entrepreneurs have recently developed a mobile application for the FIFA World Cup. The application will help to deliver successful seating management for the fans who will come to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar is the hosting country of the next FIFA World Cup 2022. This technology would be great for football lovers who want to attend every match but are unable to get their hands on passes.

The startup company ‘AWALAN’, which has developed the app, was one of the winners of the Al-Fikra 2019 competition which was organized by the Qatar Development Bank (QDB) recently. The startup is headed by its Chief Executive Officer Dr. Roda Al Qebaisi; with team members Mohamed Amara, Johanne Medina, and Kevin Isufaj. The team had won the QDB’s Al-Fikra Startup Award, a competition for general business ideas in Qatar – The Peninsula Qatar.

The application is a combination of hardware, sensors, and service buttons that will be attached to the chairs present in the stadium. Technology will also be provided to every organizer, and there will be a huge amount of database which will store all the data and perform smart predictive analysis to help organizers in every match.

Speaking to The Peninsula, Amara said, “The company developed a technology that facilitates seating management for the big events. Our main target is the World Cup 2022 stadiums, and hopefully, we will do a big contribution to the games that are coming to Qatar.”

Approximately 1.5 million fans are expected to watch the upcoming FIFA World Cup. The games will be played in eight stadiums across Qatar, with the Lusail Stadium having the largest capacity of approximately 87,000 people.

The founder Amara also said they are planning to expand even further by covering some other big events and stadiums, apart from the World Cup 2022, such as the NFL basketball, and even conventions, big meetings, and other large-scale events.