‘Youth Maange More!’ from their phones

Mobile phone companies are constantly innovating and launching new models by keeping the requirements of ever-evolving users in mind. They accommodate every possible feature that they think will keep their users happy and satisfied, however, it often gets tough to keep pace with the demands of the new generation.

That’s because ‘Youth ka dil always maange more!’ The expectations of next-gen are always one step up from what they are getting in their phone. When our MMR reporter talked to some of these people, they came up with exaggerated ideas as far as phone features are concerned. But as we know that once upon a time, even having a device like a smartphone was only a dream, however, we are living it today. Who knows, maybe these exaggerated ideas could also come true one day.

Change wallpaper automatically

Change Wallpaper

Well, the youth can’t stay with just one! Gurpreet a first-year student is dating five girls at a time. When we asked him what feature he wants on his phone, he said, “Phone checking is not an issue, but every girlfriend of mine wants to see her picture in my wallpaper. So every time I have to change it to the relevant person. I want that the phone should have such sensors, that it automatically changes the wallpaper according to the person (girlfriend) holding it. It will solve my biggest problem!”

Files go hidden

Files go hidden

Purusharth’s parents are very strict and they don’t let him use a phone lock feature on his mobile. His mother often checks his phone to see what kind of content he is having. He said, “I want a feature that, as soon as my mom takes the phone, some of the folders should go hidden. This way I would not be worried if she checks the phone in my absence.”

Read the thought

phone read your thoughtMobile technology has become so advance, that now we need to just instruct our phone to apply anything in action. ‘OK GOOGLE’ and ‘HEY SIRI’ are the two magic words for Android and iPhone users, to put their phone to work. Whether it’s for setting an alarm or writing a message, these commands help users do everything with their voice. But this new gen is not satisfied. Suparn said, “I am a very lazy person and sometimes these voice command features also do not work very fast and are unable to understand the pronunciation. So, I want a feature where a phone can read my thoughts and take the command.”

Airbags for phone

Phone airbags

While guys mostly want security and seamless performance in their phone, girls want different things. Ananya a final year student, said, “I have broken my phone’s screen at least three times now. The screen guard helps to an extent. But the edges of the mobile get broken when it falls. I want an airbag for the mobiles so that it overall gets protected from a big crash.” We must say that it’s a quite innovative idea and companies could think about it whether they can apply anything similar to the phones to protect the precious screen.

Never-ending battery

never ending battery

All the game lovers in the house say ‘aye’ if you want this idea to come to fruition. Shresth who is doing Bachelors in Journalism has to watch lots of videos and monitor news website. Also, he loves to play games in his free time. But battery becomes a major constraint. His parents are also not ready to give him a costly phone with good battery. So he dreams to get a never dying battery in the budget segment. In his words, “I think the battery is the major constraint which youth of my age is facing. We can live with an ordinary camera and average storage space, as nowadays everything is online. But the battery is something you can’t live without. I wish the companies would launch a phone which has such a strong battery, which can charge even with solar power. So that it automatically gets charged whenever we put it in light or under the sun. This will spare us all the waste of time charging our phones.”

Do these ideas sound too whacky? Hey, but what if they do come true? Which of these features would you like to have on your phone?