Mi 11X Pro Review: Xiaomi 11 Series New Flagship Killer

Mi 11X Pro Review

There are many big names in the tech world when it comes to affordable and high-quality phones and one of these names is Xiaomi. The Xiaomi 11 Series was news that made headlines when it made its release and the three premium phones they released are vastly ranged as people are able to gain the benefits of phones with killer hardware at affordable prices.

One of the phones on one end of the range is the Mi 11X which provides users with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 which was usually only available on phones costing above 30k. The other end of the premium phone release is the Mi 11X Ultra which took the world with a storm with its strong camera set up and amazing hardware.

The Mi 11X Pro comes right in between these two phones as it offers the user the services of a very powerful camera setup and better hardware that overpowers the hardware of the Mi 11X. This phone is available in the Western markets as Xiaomi Mi 11i with NFC added as it’s more important for their markets than Indian markets.

Design of Mi 11X Pro

The Mi 11X Pro (Review) comes in mainly three colors Lunar White, Celestial Blue, Cosmic Black among which Celestial Blue has been a particular favorite for many because of its fancy gradient finish which has a reflective property that can also work against the user sometimes as it was difficult to locate the fingerprint lock.

One slight problem with the design is that it is identical to the design of Mi 11X. The phone seems to have a polycarbonate frame with its volume buttons on the right and is equipped with a raised camera module. If you go for an overall first impression you can say that Xiaomi has gone for the build quality of the phone which is evident by the big 6.67-inch with bezels which aren’t too thick, a high refresh rate of about 120 Hz and a full HD+ Resolution. The phone is not too thick or heavy as it’s 7.8mm and 196g which is good enough for single-handed use.

Performance Mi 11X Pro

A lot of phones struggle towards providing users with the best quality performance when it comes to stellar camera setup which especially true for the phones released in India. Among the phones with a strong camera setup and long-lasting battery life for reasonable prices, Mi 11X Pro (Review) makes a fair stand.

This phone is equipped with a capacious battery to outlast your binge sessions so you can enjoy watching as many movies you want or play COD or Free fire in High Resolution without any sort of performance lag.  If your target is to buy a high-performance phone for under 30k then Mi 11X Pro is the phone for you as its equipped with Qualcomm’s 7nm Snapdragon 870 processor which operates along with 6GB or 8GB of LPDDR5 memory which is supported by 28 gigs of built-in, non-expandable UFS 3.1 storage.

Display Mi 11X Pro

Just like some of the latest popular smartphones displays Mi 11X Pro (Review) is inclusive of a 6.67-inch, Full HD+ E4 AMOLED screen which is capable of refreshing at 120 Hz. The phone has a peak brightness of 1,300 nits and a HDR 10+ certification.

If you consider the panel alone disregarding the specs, you will notice that it offers enough contrast and is displayed with a wide range of vibrant colors which makes the content that you view will be more vibrant giving you a uniquely exquisite experience. This smartphone is perfect for those who enjoy spending time watching movies and playing games for a long period of time.