The best concept phones one can dream of

Concept Phones

Smartphone brands are coming up with innovations in technology almost on a daily basis. However, the ones that steal the show are concept phones; they are nothing less than any dream.

Concept phones have design ideas, including high technology support, that make them seem like a gadget from the future. The designers of these concept phones, often focus on the look and feel. But they do not overcome real-world design challenges.

However, it does encourage designers to think out of the box. Because these concept phones are the output of immense brainstorming, research, and creativity. Hence, despite their impractical nature, they do sometimes end up having a practical function.

Let’s take a look at some of the best concept phones of this generation:

Nokia Remade


The company which ruled the mobile industry for many years has developed a green phone using recycled materials with a vision to reduce the hazardous impact of mobile phones on the environment.

The phone’s corrugated metal casing and flat touch-sensitive keypad are made of recycled cans. The company claimed that the phone also contained electrical components made from recycled material.

Vivo Apex

Vivo apex

This concept phone has one of the most bezel-less design to date, with top and side bezels measuring just 1.8 mm and bottom chin that’s 4.3mm for a screen-to-body ratio north of 95%. The company managed to go all-screen with this concept phone because it placed a fingerprint reader and proximity sensor underneath the OLED display.

Nubia gaming phone


Nubia is a company that is known for its beautifully designed handsets, and now it has come up with a concept phone that seems to be inspired by the design of a supercar. Unlike normal smartphones which feature a flat or slightly curved back, this gaming concept phone has several cuts like a supercar. The cameras and other sensors are vertically arranged along the center line. There are also orange highlights along the top and bottom lines, further mimicking the design of a supercar.

Transparent iPhone

iphone transparent

Though all the iPhone designs are terrific, this transparent design for a concept phone is by far the most beautiful iPhone ever made. Apart from the transparent display, the images and text that appear on it are just as clear and colourful as those on an existing iPhone display. But the most impressive thing about this concept phone is its camera functioning. There is also a built-in projector that allows you to turn any surface into a virtual keyboard.

Blackberry wraparound phones

blackberry wraparound

The designer of this concept phone is a big Blackberry fan and a passionate designer. So he put all his skills into good work. This design includes a wraparound display that incorporates the soft keys on the underside for navigation, gaming, and other purposes. There is a hard button incorporated, one that’s used to lock the screen, take pictures and more. An interesting aspect of this model is artificial intelligence, which predicts the user intention for a command. The front and back cameras are hidden behind the display, which will also serve as the flash through illumination.

Hexagon Wavy 2

Hexagon wavy 2

This amazing concept phone looks like a triple folding model. The designer has used Blender 2.70 and cycles to create it. The texture was made with Incscape and the finishing touches were done with Gimp. When completely folded the device looks big, thick and curved, but when opened up, it looks like a Nokia communicator from a sci-fi movie. This phone’s curved keyboard has a steam punk typewriter vibe and all three folding parts are curved.