Apple Finally Launches the Apple Watch Series 5

Apple watch series 5

Apple Finally Launches the Apple Watch Series 5

In going from strength to strength, Apple has once again refined its features in its newly launched Apple Watch Series 5 and brought a huge transformation with its added specifications.

Apple Watch has always provided myriad services – from using it as a fitness app to streaming music directly to AirPods or Bluetooth headphones. It has also helped users with the option of Apple Pay. Attributed as a game-changer, Apple Watch has plenty to offer like the ECG and fall detection that saves millions of lives or the excellent feature like the Breathe App.

Apple Watch Series 5

Amidst all these contributions, what is the next big thing that Apple is aiming for? It is the Apple Watch Series 5. Yes, you heard it right! The newly launched Apple Watch Series 5 boasts an always-on display and digital compass. But if this is not enough to compel you to upgrade the watch series, it comes up with a host of other remarkable features.

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Apple Watch Series 5: Design

When it comes to design, there has been no such transformation. It is still similar to the Watch Series 4 which denotes that it is available in two sizes such as 40 mm and 44 mm delivering a digital crown along with an excellent touchscreen display that has the potential to control everything. Even if it features a similar design, it brings a twist in its materials used. You have the option to choose materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic. On top of this, Apple has vouched to deliver various colours and finishing touches within these material choices.

Apple watch series 5

The titanium model is said to be 13 cents lighter which makes it more feasible for users. The titanium model comes up with two elegant colours like silver that displays the more of natural light and the other colour is the gorgeous space black titanium that can match with your personality. The ceramic version is only available in white and is deemed as the most expensive.

Apple Watch Series 5: Specifications

The Apple Watch Series 5 sports a new Always-on Display feature which can exhibit both time and complications. It flexes its superiority with an LTPO display that can dynamically switch between screen refresh rates ranging between 60Hz to 1Hz for saving power. Added to this, it guarantees to present a bunch of new sensors and drivers that includes an ambient light sensor, a power driver and power management integrated circuit.

The added advantage of this new system is that it assures to deliver 18 hours of battery life. Another incredible feature is its compass app that assists not only in recording but also in showing the heading, incline, latitude, longitude, and current elevation. Keeping a track on the right direction thus saves you from walking down the wrong street or taking a wrong turn.


Apple Watch Series 5 also comes with new safety features. Besides features like fall detection, medical ID and emergency calling, Watch Series 5 has introduced new international emergency calling feature that is now present in over 150 countries across the globe.

In terms of tech specs, it resembles features of the previous Series. The newly launched Apple Watch Series 5 retains the features of Walkie-Talkie Mode. However, Apple might drown the hopes of users with its initiative of allowing local emergency services over 150 countries, but not adding roaming for regular calls. That is something disappointing for the travelers who were expecting this feature this time around.

Other than this, the Apple Watch Series 5 keeps up with the legacy of the Series 4 with the presence of the heart-rate monitor that has always kept up with its incredible performance. On top of this, the GPS also promises to assist in tracking location, thus outstrips its competitors by being the perfect fitness tracker or the running watch.

Apple Watch 5: Software


The Apple Watch Series 5 sports a watchOS 6 pre-installed that is packed with new features like on-device app store which has the power to measure the ambient noise levels to safeguard your hearing, and long-term Activity trends.

Apple Watch Series 5: Price

By providing a plethora of new finishes, the aluminum casing models come for £699/$699 (INR 49,561) while the fancier straps start from £1,499/$1,499 (INR 106,284). The ceramic-bodied Apple Watch starts at a price range of £1,299/$1,299 (INR 92,103) and the new titanium-bodied model comes at a higher price range of £799/$799 (INR 56,660)