Best messenger apps for Android devices

Best messenger apps for Android devices

We all know that the world is moving away from SMS as the default way to message people. It began years ago with apps like AOL Instant Messenger, and has now evolved into a plethora of choices that all work well in the new age of communication. This growth spurt definitely went up a notch over the last few years. You have basically more choices now than you’ll ever need. Which app is the best as a messenger? Here we have the top apps which can help you decide the best messenger app:


Band Messenger App
Source: AppsPart

Band is an upcoming messenger app. You can create groups and invite all the people you want to. The app developers suggest this app to people on school groups, gaming groups, office groups, and anything similar. People can join in, chat, and have a good time. You can simply create your groups into multiple channels similar to apps like Discord and Slack. You can easily message everyone and add calendar events for group activities. The app worked well in testing and it’s free to use.


Discord Messaging App
Source: Mind Studios

Discord is simply among the most reliable messenger apps for individuals. It highlights cross-platform support between several mobiles and computer OS. Discord also features voice chat, various text chats, GIF support, and more. People using this app can create their servers or join others as they need (mostly for gaming purposes). However, there are people who use it just for its fantastic organizational system and good voice chat capabilities. The app is also completely free.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger App
Source: The Verge

This is among the most famous messenger apps. The app has two chat options for this. The usual one includes all the features like stickers heads, chats, and other amazing features. The other version is just a basic chat app with fewer features. Those who spend a great amount of time on Facebook, opt for the regular app. But those who don’t want to deal with Facebook should use the other lite version. Facebook is also introducing advertisements to these chat apps, but they remain free to use.


Source: Time

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app. The app has a lot of features, gets frequent updates, and stands apart from every other chat app. WhatsApp includes video and voice chats, text messages, group chats, support for various multimedia formats like GIFs, video, etc, and more. It’s great, accessible, reliable and popular.


Line Messaging App
Source: Entrepreneur

LINE has over 203 million users around the world and is particularly popular in countries like Japan and Taiwan. Apart from the messaging feature, LINE offers free video and voice calls, as well as timelines, social groups, stickers, and even games.