Best Wallpapers Apps for Your Android

Best Wallpaper App for Android

Tired of staring at the same old stock wallpaper that came with your phone? We’ve got you covered

Your wallpaper is the most noticeable thing on your phone. A bright, HD background can transform the footprint of the device. The in-house wallpaper catalog for most smartphones, however, is extremely limited. Have you ever found yourself on

Google using terms like ‘cool hd background for phone’ or ‘best wallpaper 4k’?

Thankfully, there are dedicated apps for that now, so you have a myriad of options to choose from. We’ve rounded up the best for your aesthetic needs; here are the best Android Wallpaper Apps in May 2019.

Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD boasts of a massive inventory of wallpapers and backgrounds organized into 30 categories. The age-old app also features Material Design, favoriting, downloads and direct application. The app has been around for ages before the dawn of HD screen panels garnering a massive inventory, meaning that some wallpapers aren’t gonna be of the highest quality. The app is free with internal advertisements.


A newcomer in the wallpaper space, Resplash is a great source of photography related backgrounds. Boasting of 100,000+ wallpapers with a top-up every day, the app has a sizeable and ever-growing catalog. The high res photos are complemented by the clean and minimalistic UI. It manages to pack in with some light customization features like a dark mode as well. This one is for the photography buffs.

Wallpapers by Google

Google’s very own Wallpapers App has a small, but effective selection of wallpapers. The simple UI, high-quality wallpapers and several different application options make a convincing argument. The backgrounds have been grouped into various categories, but all of them meet an extremely high aesthetic standard. Additionally, Google gives you the option of matching your phone case to your wallpaper for specific devices, making the whole affair seamless.

Wallpapers by Google


Walli is another relatively new wallpaper app with a focus on community. It features unique work from a roster of independent artists spanning from word backgrounds and abstract art to fantasy themes and pop culture. The app also features a simple categorized layout. It is also a great outlet for artists to get promoted and paid for unique creations.



Tapet doesn’t come with an assortment of wallpapers to choose from. Instead, it brings a unique proposition of customizing your background by choosing the design and the colours involved. The application will generate a suitable wallpaper from your choices. This results in some clean minimalistic wallpapers tailored to your phone screen and personal preference. It takes some effort but is well worth the extra two minutes.



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