Chinese Smartphone Brands Take Over The Smartphone Market

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Chinese Smartphone Brands Take Over The Smartphone Market

A lot of people think that Samsung and Apple are the brands whose products are most obvious in the market because of the endless publicity and stream of campaigns for their products. According to a report by Internet Data Corporation (IDC), the dominating nature of these brands in the market is in danger. In the ranking of 2018, Samsung remained at number one, Apple missed second place to Huawei and the fourth spot was followed by Xiaomi. The importance of the market of Chinese technology companies is crucial.

Here we have the top Chinese smartphone brands that are excelling in the world of smartphones:

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Huawei Mobile
Source: HardwareZone

Originally, Huawei changed the world of communications for the services offered to the telecommunication foundation of the world. As per the official website of the brand, rather than being a phone company, “it is a front provider in the global market of information and communication technology (ICT) and smart gadgets”. This indicates that it not only gives you a smartphone, but also assembles the essential connection of the phone to the network or WiFi.


Xiaomi Mobiles
Source: Pandaily

This organization is another of the many Chinese brands in the field of technology. According to the Xiaomi website, they offer devices and intelligent hardware services, focused on constant innovation in quality and performance of their products.

Looking at the statistics of its influence on the market, it currently occupies the fourth position among the largest smartphone brands in the world with more than 150.9 million devices and gadgets connected to its platform. Apart from this, the organization is present in more than 85 countries around the world.


Oppo Mobiles

The brand was founded in the year 2011 and the focus was to make phones for a female audience, which will help them take selfies with a 5MP front camera. In the year 2011, this was an amazing innovation considering that Samsung had a front camera of 1.9MP. OPPO has been characterized by its smartphones with unimaginable definition cameras, as well as other innovations such as a rotating camera and a dual-punch hole camera.

The owner of the brand is the billionaire Duan Yong Ping, who created the name of the company by selling it in rural China, as well as leveraging its similarities in look with Apple. Currently, the brand is growing at a rapid rate according to the IDC and sells its devices to more than 250 million people around the globe.