Facebook Rolls Out Instagram Music in India

Instagram Music

Facebook Rolls Out Instagram Music in India

The desi gram addicts will be enthralled to know that Instagram Music has been finally launched in India. Now users can express themselves through their favorite music on Instagram and Facebook with music stickers on “Stories” and other innovative tools like “Lyrics on Instagram” and “Lip Sync Live”. The new feature was already available in many countries before that permits the users to add any music track as a background score to their Instagram stories. The feature will be available both on Android as well as iOS devices only with just a simple update.

Follow these simple steps to use Instagram Music

  • As soon as you update the latest version of the Instagram application, open the Stories section and click on Sticker.

Click on sticker

  • Once you click, along with polls and questions, the option ‘Add Music’ will pop out.

Instagram Music

  • The moment Insta Music option is clicked, three tabs will open each displaying famous songs, genres, and moods. Pachtaoge, Baby Shark, Bad Guy, and Old Town Road tops the list of the hit tracks.

Popular Tracks

  • The feature makes it even more fun and entertaining by offering various options like Hindi, rock, Punjabi and hip hop under the genre section.

Genres track

  • For ones with frequent mood swings, the feature gives them the freedom to choose any category of a song like romantic, slow, and even party. And yes, users will beam with joy to know that they also have the option to browse songs independently.

Moods track

To add little something extra, the feature also has an Instagram Music button to the left of the record button in Story Tab. Users who make videos for Instagram stories can click on this for adding a background score. All the users who have updated version of Instagram will be able to listen to the song.

Instagram Music

You can also tap the option to display the lyrics of the song that you have selected for your story. Users now can overcome their boredom after a day of stringent schedules, by playing around with various fonts and layouts and edit the lyrics by using several colors from the palette icon.

So, what are you waiting for? Escape from monotony by adding a background score to your daily stories!