Get Your Hands on The World’s Fastest-Charging Battery

Yukuma power bank

Get Your Hands on The World’s Fastest-Charging Battery

How long does it take for you to fully charge your power bank? Assuming that it’s the best in the market, even a 10,000mAh battery takes anywhere between 6 and 10 to provide you juice worth multiple charges.

However, the Yukuma Power Bank, which claims to be the world’s fastest recharging battery, states that it takes a mere 30 minutes to fill its capacity. For people constantly on the go, this invention could be a potential lifesaver!

The Yukuma power bank is an ideal companion for all your other smart devices and very easy to carry along too. It is just about 160mm tall and weighs 270g, so it’ll fit perfectly into any bag – whether big or small.

If you are particular about how your power bank looks, the brand has that sorted out for you as well. The selection of colours for your battery includes Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and Gray. In addition to the power bank, the package also contains a proprietary wall charger and cable.

Here are some of the major specs of the Yukuma Power Bank:

-Fully recharges in 30 minutes

-10,000mAh battery capacity

-Black, Gold, Rose Gold, and Gray options

-Two USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously

-Super portable for carrying in a bag or pocket

While the power bank initially launched with a listed price of $119, a website called Tech Deals is running a promotion for the next few days that slashes 41 percent off the original price.