Google Just Confirmed the Pixel 4 Design

Google Pixel 4 Design

In quite the surprising move, Google confirmed the Google Pixel 4 design on Twitter, almost four months ahead of its expected official launch.

Just earlier this week, design of the new Google offering started doing the rounds on the Internet. It seems like Google deployed a tactical and smart marketing move by deciding to reveal the design and build a lot more audience interest in the device.

Google paired the photo with a witty remark of “since there seems to be some interest…”

Google Pixel 4 tweet

The design has confirmed speculations that the Google Pixel 4 would come with new camera setup, throwing out of the window all the previous generations’ single-sensor system. From the design, it seems the Pixel 4 will have two camera lenses as well as a third sensor, which could be the assumed spectral sensor.

Additionally, the design also confirms no rear-mounted fingerprint sensor for the Pixel 4. Looks like Google is going to join the league of smartphones having an in-display sensor instead.

While Google revealed the back design, it steered clear of showing the front of the device so we don’t have any idea of what the display could look like or how many sensors are on the front. However, speculations say that there might be many front-facing camera sensors to enable a Face ID-like recognition system, much like Apple.

Specifications aside, Google revealing the design of the phone so early is truly a bold move. Usually, Google phones launch in October. It’s possible that Google learnt from its mistakes of last year when leaks related to the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL saw early prototypes of the larger device flooding the black market. This new strategy of getting ahead of the game and being vocal about everything might actually pay off later this year in terms of sale.