Google Launches Experiential App, TANGI

google tangi app

Right from dancing, to singing, cooking, gymming, and more, we have always relied on YouTube as our go-to platform for guides and learning. But now, Google has entered the fray and wants to deliver all this content to users on a separate platform called Tangi

Google Tangi is an experimental app born out of Google’s Area 120 lab and hosts short-form video guides and how-to clips. The search company says Tangi’s name comes from “the words TeAch aNd GIve and ‘tangible’ — things you can make.”


(Image Source: Google Blog)

Videos on the new platform have a 60 second cap and are divided into Art, Cooking, DIY, Fashion and Beauty, and Lifestyle categories. There’s no Technology section, so users will still have to look for tech content on YouTube or other platforms. 

The one other issue with this platform is that the mobile app is only available for iOS, with Android users having to make do with the website only. While Google has done this before, it is odd that it would ignore its own mobile platform to launch something this critical. 

Tangi’s short-form format is intriguing. However, we are yet to see if this platform will be able to co-exist alongside YouTube and its wide variety of content. Furthermore, the short-form nature of the content will ensure that you still keep visiting YouTube for more details and insights when you need them. 

Since this is an experiential app, Google might also kill it a short while later, depending on its success. But that’s what an experiential app is all about. Let’s wait and watch user reactions to this new platform.