Honor Magic Earbuds: Review

There’s so much to say about Honor Magic Earbuds. Not only do these earbuds offer high definition sound quality, but they are lightweight and easy to carry everywhere. You can immerse yourself in the best sound quality which is crystal- clear and smooth. The price tag of €99 (roughly $110 / £90 / AU$170/ INR 8300) makes these earbuds pretty mid-range, but they don’t compromise on the quality.

The Honor Magic Earbuds looks quite similar to Apple AirPods Pro. Honor’s earbuds feature a near-identical stem design, with adjustable ear tips so that fitting the earbuds in your ears is as comfortable as you have dreamt. However, the slightly boxer shape could lead to some discomfort after long listening sessions. For on-and-off use, though, these earbuds are comfortable and highly recommended.

The earbuds come in two colour options- Pearl White and Robin Egg Blue. You also get a smattering of ear tip sizes in the box, as well as a USB-C cable for charging up its rather sleek case. Honor has gone for a horizontal take on the charging case, meaning the earbuds rest on their side and they make a rather satisfying click when attaching magnetically to the inside of the case.

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You will also find a pairing button on the back of the case and simultaneously hold down the pairing button until a white light appears, the earbuds should be visible to whatever source you’re pairing it with. There’s no connection sound when the earbuds link up to a source device.

In case of the features, the earbuds are equipped with a noise-canceling technique that helps to diminish external noise. Additionally, the Magic Earbuds’ three-microphone array works exclusively for calls and voice recordings, with speech being picked up in our various Zoom and Google hangouts meetings throughout the week. Honor uses a technology it calls “uplink noise reduction”, which appears to help in this regard. There is also a Bluetooth 5.0 standard, ensuring a reliable connection with smartphones and other Bluetooth devices, and we didn’t have any dropout issues during several days of testing

The battery life should last you 3.5 hours for music playback, or a brisker 2.5 hours for more energy-intensive calls – but the charging case will get that amount up to around 14.5 hours total. That’s not a huge amount by modern standards, but it is enough to get through a full day’s use, at least.

The Honor Magic Earbuds offer a host of exemplary features which is value for money. Audio is of good quality and the design is out of the box that will suit your personality.