How NetBase Quid is Helping Businesses Determine Emerging Trends

NetBase Quid

Today, most companies and businesses worldwide are looking for ways through which they can increase their customer base and the following. This is primarily during these pandemic times when businesses have been closed. However, there are still many ways through which these companies can remain at their best. This is through the use of technology tools them improve their brands.

NetBASE Quid is a company that provides real-time, fast, and accurate social media analytics solutions to businesses. It uses NLP language technology, which can understand and classify the most complex language there is. This ensures that companies can make decisions by use of accurate data. Every year, NetBase experiences up to 300% growth in its customer base. This company works with Kraft, VISA, and American Airlines, among others.

Social listening tool

NetBase Quid now introduces a new tool that people can use in doing social media analysis. The new social mood analysis has been powered by AI technology. This tool helps companies build social media analysis and up to 16 emotions for your brand conversations. This way, you will not miss out on any conversation going on about your brand. With this kind of a tool, you will measure the emerging trends from the brand to all other social conversations. It will help you group emotions that are not defined, whether they are negative or positive.

One cannot measure the love that his brand has just by the impressions or counting how many times their brand has been mentioned. Consumer behavior is necessary as it helps the brand range where it should be, what it should improve on, and how these changes will impact customer behavior.

Market Intelligence for News Media monitoring

This product is a game-changer in the market for businesses. This tool can identify emerging trends in the news media. Market intelligence helps brands learn about consumer intelligence and other important elements affecting the growth of the business. With this kind of tool, you can create unique network visualizations. Marketing Business card is also an important point for Market intelligence, like IDGod which is one of the best in the business offering this service.

These visualizations will show you the emerging trends in both the market and the company. You will also tell the size and importance of various themes relevant to brand conversations. The many conversation clusters one can find out using market intelligence are essential. At NetBase, there are so many ways through which a brand can do this. You will learn and understand consumer love for your brand.

You might be asking what consumer love has got to do with your business. Well, here is why and how it impacts your business.

Business owners need to note that there is a big difference between liking something and loving it. When measuring the level of love the people have for your brand, there are several questions you should ask yourself. What do your customers feel about your brand? What is your consumer passion, and can it act as competition to your competitors? And are you building long-lasting customer relationships with your customers for the future?

If you get the answers to these questions, it would be easy to tell where the brand love is. Most customers will express their love on social media. But you can get deeper data and statistics by using these tools.

As a company, you must earn big from social media marketing and analysis. NetBase Quid is here to help you with this. You can pay attention to the emerging trends and come up with better decisions for your brand.