Huawei Can Now Use Qualcomm Chips to Sell Phones in the US


According to a latest report, Qualcomm has received a license from the US Department of Commerce to sell its chipsets to Huawei.

Qualcomm has been granted permission to supply its products, including 4G chipsets, to Huawei. A Qualcomm spokesperson confirmed, “We received a license for a number of products, which includes some 4G products.”

In August, the Trump administration had banned all the companies from selling technology and software developed by the US to Huawei without getting it licensed. In fact, Huawei was snapping up Qualcomm chips for budget smartphones. For the flagship Android phones, Huawei used to build in-house chipsets. However, the potential of the Chinese smartphone maker to design its own chips was hampered by the US trade restrictions.

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While Qualcomm will be supplying 4G chips to the company, it is still not known if the US officials will allow Qualcomm to sell 5G smartphone chips. Other semiconductor companies in the US such as Intel, AMD, and Skyworks have also obtained licenses to supply products to Huawei.

Huawei could reveal a new foldable flip smartphone similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Some sketches were leaked which showed that Huawei is planning to come up with a clamshell foldable flip phone in the future.