iPhone 13 Could Get In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

iPhone 13 Could Get In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

The iPhone 13 arriving in 2021 could feature an in-display fingerprint scanner since Apple has started testing it as a key upgrade for 2021, according to a new report.

Starting with iPhone X, all iPhones except the iPhone SE (2020) came without the Touch ID fingerprint reader and used Face ID facial recognition for biometric authentication. However, Face ID has turned out to be a less practical solution amidst the ongoing pandemic since the technology often fails to unlock the phone when the user is wearing a mask.

But with the in-display fingerprint scanner, that will not be an issue anymore. The report also claims that Apple won’t move away from Face ID, but it has discussed removing the charging port on some iPhone models in favour of wireless charging.

Furthermore, Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone with a foldable screen and has already developed prototype foldable displays for internal testing. These screens have invisible hinges similar to Samsung’s foldable displays and one of them unfolds to a 6.7″ size. However, Apple hasn’t finalized its plans and doesn’t have any prototypes.

Apple is also working on two new tablets – a new iPad Pro with a faster processor and a MiniLED display, and an entry-level iPad with the same design as iPad Air (2019).