LG Electronics Reportedly Hit By Ransomware Attack


LG Electronics has reportedly been hit by a Maze ransomware attack. According to reports, Maze ransomware operators claim to have breached and locked LG Electronics’ network, and the hackers have claimed that they have stolen proprietary information for projects that involve big US companies, including AT&T.

There is no information yet on how the Maze ransomware operators hacked into LG’s network and what their demands are. However, the attackers have shared some screenshots of stolen data from a Python code repository.

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Maze ransomware, first discovered in 2019, encrypts files on a system blocking access to them and releases this block when the ransom has been paid or the demands of hackers have been met. Its operators are also able to send data back to hackers who can then release the data to public, or sell it if their demands are not met.

According to the screenshots posted by the attackers, they were able to steal 40GB of Python code that LG developed for companies in the US. The attack may have taken place on or before June 22, because that is when the hackers had put out a press release saying that they will reveal how LG’s source code was stolen that belonged to a global telecommunications company.