LG Hints at Double-Screen Phone in a New Video

LG IFA 2019

LG Hints at Double-Screen Phone in a New Video

One of the biggest smartphone manufacturers, LG might have some great news in store for users.

The company recently announced an event to be held at the IFA trade show, which takes place from September 6-11 in Berlin, Germany. The invite, which is available in the form of a short video, hints at what could possibly be an outwards-folding smartphone with an additional, small outer screen.

Watch the video here –

While LG is yet to go the Samsung or Huawei way (we mean the foldable Galaxy Fold or the Mate X), but it does have an odd, clip-on screen accessory for its LG V50 ThinQ. So, maybe the upcoming device will not have a foldable screen, but LG has most likely improved upon the V50’s clip-on, possibly by adding a smaller display on its outer side.

The video also shows that the upcoming device may be gaming-oriented, but there are no other details beyond that. LG’s descriptions on Instagram and Facebook say that the company will “transform your every day.”

If this is true, this is definitely going to be a very bold move from LG to launch a dual-screen phone, right alongside the much-anticipated launch of the Mate X and the Galaxy Fold. If their big bet pays, consumers across the world are definitely going to have a gala time experimenting with a slew of unique innovations in the market.