Light weighted wireless earbuds in marked for fitness freaks

workout with wireless earplug

WK Life launches wireless earbuds

Today’s generation spends more time with their mobile phones and earplugs has become their extended body part, without which they may not survive. They want it everywhere, while driving, sitting, reading, and walking or working, most of the youth wear their earplugs or headphones. Even if they are not listening to anything, they prefer to keep those earplugs on the ears.

Since 2016 companies like Lenovo, Motorola and Apple started launching models which don’t have 3.5mm headphone jack. There were multiple reasons behind it. These companies want to save space for other key components inside and also want to improve water resistance quality. Now many companies are moving on the same path. In this scenario, the youth started preferring wireless earplugs, which is also very convenient for them.

Lots of companies are recently coming up with wireless and Bluetooth model. Hong Kong-based company WK Life also recently launched BD800 Dual Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds in India. The quality of these earbuds are very nice and they cost just Rs. 4349. Easily available in all the WK Life retail stores in India, the package of these earbuds come with 1 TWS Bluetooth earphone with charging box, 1 charging cable, 1 manual and 2 pairs of earcaps.


• BD800 Dual Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds is designed especially for fitness enthusiasts, sports lovers, and travelers, as earplugs prevent the wireless earbuds from sliding off.
• These wireless earbuds come with 1-year replacement guarantee.
• They are very light and so small that they can hide in the ear.
• WK BD800 Dual Bluetooth Earphone In-ear Stereo Sport Earphone has a digital noise reduction function module, makes call clear by shunning the noisy environment from the background.
• These wonderful little magicians are available in two colors i.e Black and White.
• It is obvious that these earplugs are portable and very light weighted. They weigh around 6 gms.
• They are manufactured with light materials comforts the user and maintains the material quality. The use of hardness of silica gets and the auricle structure does not let it easy to fall off.
• The wireless Bluetooth earbuds are backed by earphone capacity of 50mAh/ 3.7V and the charging capacity of 250mAh/ 3.7V.
• The device takes up to 2 to 3 hours to charge and provides the working time of nearly 6 hours. The earbuds can be charged thrice during a journey.