Motorola to Launch a Flagship Premium Segment Phone in February

Motorola razar

Motorola’s Razr will soon hit the shores and the device is expected to go on sale from February 06, 2020. While we wait for Motorola to reveal the India launch date of Razr, Motorola seems to be working on a smartphone with support for a stylus.

The flip phone from the warehouse of Motorola has already grabbed a lot of attention towards the brand and since Motorola is teasing the moto razr in the country right now, it seems that the device will be launched very soon. Now with the stylus phone coming in the scene, it is clear that Motorola has planned its return in the premium segment with some really impressive products.

Motorola razar

The upcoming Motorola phone is said to feature a stylus, just like the ones that come with Samsung Galaxy Note Series. If the reports turn true, then this will be the first-ever device from the house of Motorola to come with a stylus. The name gaining popularity for this device is Moto G Stylus which clearly states that the device will feature a stylus pen.

Looking at the images shared on Twitter, it is safe to say that the stylus looks similar to the one that comes with LG Stylophone. It looks very basic, which clears that the stylus will not be as smart as the S Pen. Looking at the stylus, it seems that it will function in a very basic way and will be helpful in painting, opening the apps, closing the apps and so on.

Moto G Stylus will sport a very thin bezel on the sides unlike some of the recently launched Motorola phones. It will feature a punch-hole camera on the front which makes the bezels comparatively thinner. No other details about the phone have been revealed yet.

With Moto Razr ready to hit the shores and Moto Edge in progress, Motorola is expected to bring some really impressive products in the Flagship series. Along with that, Motorola is currently working on a 5G version of the Motorola Razr.