OPPO AirVOOC wireless charger will launch alongside the OPPO Ace2

OPPO AirVooc

When we think about smartphone fast charging technology, OPPO has always been the business leader. Still, the smartphone giant has not yet launched its fast wireless charging technology. Well, that’s about to change because we got news from Wireless Power Consortium about a unique AirVOOC wireless charger.

Global smartphone brand OPPO is working on its next flagship smartphone named the OPPO Ace 2, which is the successor of previous year’s Reno Ace. According to rumors, AirVOOC wireless charger would be launched along with it. According to WPC reports, the wireless charger holds a maximum of 40W fast charging capacity.

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Renders of AirVOOC wireless charger show an unusual oval-shape, part of which is recessed to hold the smartphone. It’s difficult to comment on the build element, but it can be a rubber material to keep the smartphone at a place. Also, on the surface of the recess is a button-like winding module, the precise functions of which are hidden as of yet. Below, there are energy vents to prevent overheating while charging the phone.

The looks of this wireless charger at this very moment make it likely that we’ll see it launch along with OPPO Ace2 Smartphone. It also means that the smartphone is very likely the primary OPPO flagship to flaunt a wireless charging feature.

The AirVOOC wireless charger will launch with the model number OAWV01. The reports also highlight that the wireless charger was registered on April 7th, 2020. Apart from the information about the wireless charger, there were pictures of the charger that show the charger in a white colour option. The AirVOOC wireless charger is divided into two halves. The one side of the charger shows to include the wireless charging pad while the other holds what appears to be a cooling fan. For, now we all can just wait for the product to launch in the market so that OPPO users can get the best they need.