OPPO India Thrives on the ‘Make in India’ Drive

OPPO India Thrives on the ‘Make in India’ Drive

OPPO India Thrives on the ‘Make in India’ Drive

Global smartphone maker OPPO is looking to catch opportunities thrown by the millennial population of India and weave them into their brand strategy. The company is charting strategies to grasp these opportunities by extending support to the ‘Make In India’ mission and bringing India-centric innovations.

To keep ‘Make In India‘ its core, OPPO is aiming to manufacture 100 million smartphone units locally by the end of 2020, which will enable the population to have access to world-class technology products, and meet the needs of ever-evolving consumers.

OPPO is also shifting its focus towards next-generation innovations like 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) for driving its next leg of growth in the country. Supporting the future course of action, OPPO India Vice President (R&D), TasleemArif told media houses, “India is a promising market when it comes to the roll-out of 5G. India’s new National Digital Communications Policy (NDCP) presents a positive vision for the industry and country, with the goal of creating the digital infrastructure that supports the next generation of digital services.”

Moreover, TasleemArif confirmed that the work on 5G Network had already begun at the Hyderabad research and development (R&D) center and the brand will soon bring the innovative 5G technology-enabled smartphones. Currently, 5G is seen as the next best battleground in the telecommunications industry and OPPO certainly knows the importance of getting first movers advantage.

As per SumitWalia, OPPO India Vice President (Product & Marketing) said, “There are half a billion users still on a feature phone that will potentially upgrade to smartphones, and that coupled with 4G penetration, availability of affordable devices and cheap data along with a strong ecosystem will continue to help the industry grow.”

It seems the global smartphone manufacturer is acknowledging India’s importance in going forward and the commitment to ‘Make In India’ is a shining example of the same.


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