PUBG Offline: Play Without Mobile Data

PUBG offline

How to play PUBG Mobile Offline?

PUBG offlineCan you play PUBG offline? Don’t worry, we got you covered. PUBG has proven to be a turning point in the mobile gaming industry. PUBG Mobile or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is a unique, once-in-a-generation kind of a phenomenon. The battle game has a massive following across the globe, including India and has already hit upwards of the 10 million daily players mark.

This has happened because PUBG has been able to solve the problem of casual gamers who want to play, but either cannot afford a dedicated gaming system or do not have those many hours to play in a competitive environment. PUBG has ensured that everyone can play the game anywhere, at whatever level they are comfortable playing in.

And now that the game has become so popular, one big question that has been plaguing all gamers is – can PUBG be played offline?

The easy answer is no, you cannot. The more detailed answer is yes, you can. Let us explain. The only way you can play PUBG offline is if you are in the Training mode. This means that if you have to play any of the other modes – solo, dual, squad, war – you will need a basic internet connection.

There are a few steps you must remember before you play PUBG offline.

  1. Make sure your phone has the latest version of PUBG, otherwise you won’t be able to play the Training mode offline.
  2. Turn off your internet and open the PUBG app.
  3. Head to the match option where you’ll find a Training mode at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Train your aim and find out how you can play better when you play online.
  5. That’s it. Now you’re ready to play.

In a country like India, with a humongous audience for casual mobile gaming, the fact that you can play a game like PUBG offline can be huge. Especially because internet penetration in the country is still low. While right now you can only rely on the Training mode when you don’t have internet, we still have our fingers crossed to see if PUBG does eventually end up releasing an offline version of the game in the near future.

There is also a Good News for pubg lovers who has a low RAM Phone, Tencent Games are planning to Launch Pubg Mobile Lite soon.




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