Realme Announces Launch of Link App


Realme Announces Launch of Link App

Realme has announced the launch of the Realme Link app, the company’s latest application for its upcoming range of IoT devices. With Realme Link, the company will provide a single interface to control and connect together IoT devices.

The app will essentially transform your Realme smartphone into a control center, with which you will be able to control and operate all of Realme’s IoT devices. Moreover, the company has also made it clear that all the Realme devices in the future will come with Realme Link pre-installed.

According to a post on Realme’s community forums, the company has introduced the Realme Link app which will serve for the company’s IoT products. But before that, the company has also asked its users to choose the best icon for the app.

For the Realme Link app, users will get to choose between four options. Here’s the link where users can choose their favourite design –

The main icon features two interconnected L letters. Realme specifies that ‘L’ stands for ‘Link’. Then there’s a letter ‘O’ in the middle, which stands for ‘Operator’ and it also represents the ecosystem. The company, through the Realme Link app, wants to provide a platform for its fans to have more connections with each other.

The voting link will be available till 4:30 pm IST, February 21. Along with voting, users can also leave comments specifying the reason for their choice.

Realme has announced that it will be launching the Realme X50 Pro 5G in India on February 24. And we can expect to hear more about the Realme Link app and the company’s upcoming range of IoT products at the event itself.