Redmi Could Launch Small Screen Smartphone Like iPhone 12 Mini

Redmi small smartphone

Chinese smartphone company Redmi’s General Manager Lu Weibing has shared a new social media post that hints at the company’s impending launch of a small screen phone. Xiaomi is known to have taken a lot of inspiration from Apple in the past, and Lu Weibing was possibly hinting at launching a similar phone like the iPhone 12 mini. The iPhone 12 mini, launched last week, comes with a small 5.4-inch Super Retina display.

On a social media post on Weibo, Weibing confirmed that Redmi has also considered the possibility of producing a ‘mini’ smartphone. However, he warned that the company would have to compromise on the battery capacity a lot. He stated that reducing the form factor of a smartphone will directly mean that the battery integrated inside will also be smaller and so the battery life will be compromised significantly. It is to be noted that the iPhone 12 mini has a 2,227mAh battery, which was revealed through a recent certification. 

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Weibing also shared a photo of the Xiaomi headquarters in China and left the status open-ended. He offered no further confirmation on whether the company is going ahead with manufacturing a Redmi smartphone with a small screen, or if it has decided against it. 

In addition to this, a Redmi Note 10 series is reported to be in the works and the company may bring a small screen option with this series. This is pure speculation at this point, given Weibing’s announcement.