Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series May Surpass Samsung Galaxy S20 Series in Technology

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series May Surpass Samsung Galaxy S20 Series in Technology

Now that the Samsung S20 series has gained popularity among the millennials, it is time to check out the new series on Samsung’s list – The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. The phablet series that has stood beside the renowned S series for years and now, it is back in the game. So, let’s check out if the new Note series device will meet the expectations of the enthusiasts.

Tech Youtuber TT Technologies collated different rumors about the device Note 20 might feature and published a series of designs. These rumors include various information such as space-zoom 108MP camera modules, waterfall screen with physical buttons.

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As per the latest information, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 can also feature the waterfall screen with grip-based sensors for a series of health metrics, such as an electrocardiogram (ECG) that will determine irregular rhythms in your heart and electromyography sensors that will determine muscular health.

Innovative Screen

The designs published by TT Technologies also suggest the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will boast of a 6.5-inch display, while the Note 20 plus will feature a huge 7-inch display. Moreover, Note 20 Plus is also expected to arrive with its built-in projector.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Screen
Source: The Verge

We have seen the phone projectors concept before, in the designs of Apple, but having a built-in projector will set new boundaries for smartphone technology. Such an innovation makes the Note 20 perfect for creative work with a large surface area and state-of-the-art stylus. It places itself between phone and tablet taking a bite of both the segments.